Research Thrusts/Themes

Research Thrusts/Themes

Research Thrust

  1. To conduct research on Innovative and emerging approaches in in ODeL, particularly in the following areas: e-learning designs, multimedia, online assessments and learner support systems and processes, addressing the digital divide and equitable access, and socialization of students.
  2. To conduct research on other disciplines being offered by UPOU particularly in areas that will lead to the enhancement of academic programs and courses.

Research Productivity

  1. To enhance research productivity by:
    1. Increasing funds for conducting research, dissemination and publication.
    2. Strengthening capacity of academic personnel in conducting and writing research.
  2. To boost the dissemination of research outputs by:
    1. Supporting staff to present research outputs in conference related to ODeL and respective disciplines both in national and international arenas.
    2. Encouraging staff to publish in peer-reviewed journals.
    3. Finding a UPOU-managed venue for publishing university researches.

Research Quality and Impact

  1. To promote quality and sustainability in research by:
    1. Establishing a clear research career plan for each academic personnel both for individual research and practice-based research.
    2. Promoting interdisciplinary research through the creation of research teams.
    3. Providing peer support and review for research.
    4. Creating venues for sharing of research ideas and results.
  2. To manage research by using project management sites to track the progress and status of researches.
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